Becky Braunstein


Becky Braunstein is a comedian and actor from Alaska, currently based in Portland, Oregon. She has performed at the Big Sky Comedy Festival, Bridgetown Comedy Festival, All Jane Comedy Festival, 208 Comedy Fest, Idaho Laugh Fest, Pickathon, & performs this year at Hell Yes Fest & Beast Village Comedy Festival. Host of 'Becky with the Good Jokes'.

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I made the Willamette Week's Funniest Five!

Becky Braunstein Funniest Five

I'm so very proud and grateful to have been named one of the Willamette Week's Funniest 5 comedians in Portland! This is an extra huge deal to me because it was voted on by other comedians and industry reps. I'm honored to be on this list with four other people who consistently make me laugh every time I watch them. Thank you so much to everyone who voted, this means so much to me! 😍

Thank you Brooke Geery & Willamette Week for this awesome article:

Article & Podcast Appearance!

Hey! I was a guest on the podcast 'Date Nights with Roscoe Myrick' - check it out! Low point is probably my 10 minute run-on sentence about how social progress among the youth is a good thing. High points are definitely my Anatoli Brant impression and the absolute literal insanity that happens towards the end.

Check out the awesome article and listen to the podcast here!