Becky Braunstein


Becky Braunstein is a comedian and actor from Alaska, currently based in Portland, Oregon. She has performed at the Big Sky Comedy Festival, Bridgetown Comedy Festival, All Jane Comedy Festival, 208 Comedy Fest, Idaho Laugh Fest, Pickathon, & performs this year at Hell Yes Fest & Beast Village Comedy Festival. Host of 'Becky with the Good Jokes'.

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Synchro-Niss With Me

  • Kellys Olympian 426 Southwest Washington Street Portland, OR, 97204 United States (map)

Guests this month: From The Traeger Method: Jason Traeger, Drummer of Blitzen Trapper and actor: Brian Koch, From Becky With The Good Jokes: Becky Braunstein, Local Comedian: Kevin Johnston, From the film Gummo and running for City Council: Nick Sutton

Have you ever experienced a coincidence that felt really meaningful? Like, not an ordinary coincidence. But one of those magical moments in life where you feel that things just lined up perfectly for you? Meeting someone at the right moment at the right time or when you think about a person and they call you. Those are simple examples of synchronicity.

More than just a comedy show, Synchro-niss With Me, takes 5 entertainers, comedians, and local celebrities on a serendipitous, spontaneous walk through downtown Portland. A camera person will follow the journey and we will broadcast it live in front of you, our audience. We start with a roll of the die to choose our symbolic number to look out for throughout the duration of the walk. The guests will look to experience synchronistic events and keep an eye out for signs from the universe to guide them on a whimsical adventure a la Alice In Wonderland. Follow "white rabbits," (people who stand out) play childhood games in parks (truth or dare, freeze tag, duck duck goose), compliment random strangers, and look for words of wisdom from people we meet on the street. They are looking to be in the right place at the right time to experience something strange or different. All directions chosen by the roll of a dice, signs and symbols, a "feeling", or the audience. With prizes for our walk's MVP! People have had profound and life-altering experiences on synchronicity walks. Either way, if you are a believer or not, this is a night like no other and not to be missed!

Hosted by Amanda Lynn Deal and produced by Shannan Hunt and Zane Thomas, Field producer Jono Gindhart

Tickets just $7 in advance or $11 at the door.

Doors at 730 show starts at 8:00!