Becky Braunstein


Becky Braunstein is a comedian and actor from Alaska, currently based in Portland, Oregon. She has performed at the Big Sky Comedy Festival, Bridgetown Comedy Festival, All Jane Comedy Festival, 208 Comedy Fest, Idaho Laugh Fest, Pickathon, & performs this year at Hell Yes Fest & Beast Village Comedy Festival. Host of 'Becky with the Good Jokes'.

Hailing from Alaska, Becky has blown into Portland like a comedy tsunami, with tons of energy and wide-eyed enthusiasm. Her brand of snappy humor has made her a hit at Bridgetown and the All Jane Festival, as well as being an audience favorite the 2016 Big Sky Comedy Fest. She’s clearly the best thing that’s ever come from Alaska. Like, by far.
— The Portland Mercury, September 13, 2017
In stark contrast to the stereotypical self-deprecating comedian, it’s Braunstein’s sunny worldview that makes her humor so infectious... There is something deeply earnest about her stage presence.
— Willamette Week 'Funniest Five' issue, November, 2017
I heard from more than a few of my friends (hardcore comedy critics) that Becky was their favorite. Even had a couple friends go to her second show to watch her again. I’ve never had that kind of feedback before from so many people about the same comic.
— Megan Bryant, Director of the Idaho Laugh Fest

AN Alaskan Comedian and a Portland Comedian. Somehow Both.

To the probable surprise of everyone she went to high school with, Becky Braunstein was recently featured in Teen Vogue, in an article which insisted that each one of her life experiences "deserves [its] own television show". Called a “comedy tsunami”, an “audience favorite”, and “the best thing that’s ever come from Alaska… like, by far” by the Portland Mercury, Becky is a fast-rising standout performer with fresh energy and wide-eyed enthusiasm that is impossible to ignore. She grew up on a mountain in Eagle River, Alaska where she had no one to talk to, moved to Portland, Oregon after being diagnosed with metastatic thyroid cancer and almost losing her voice forever - but she didn’t lose it, and now she won’t shut up. Becky has performed at nearly every top comedy festival in the country, including the Big Sky Comedy Festival, Bridgetown Comedy Festival, SF Sketchfest, Laughing Skull Comedy Festival, All Jane Comedy Festival, Limestone Comedy Festival, the 208 Comedy Fest, Beast Village Comedy Festival, and many others. Her comedy has appeared on SiriusXM, IFC and Audible, and her half-hour special for the new series 'Unprotected Sets', produced by Wanda Sykes & Page Hurwitz is now airing on EPIX. Her Instagram posts from the Treefort Music Festival were featured on Uproxx. Becky hosts a spectacular show called 'Becky with the Good Jokes', which has featured appearances by Matt Braunger, Pete Holmes, Jamie Lee, The Unipiper, Ian Karmel, Marcella Arguello, Jenny Conlee from The Decemberists, and the mayor of Anchorage, Alaska. She competed in the National Spelling Bee in 1997, is about half fluent in German, and dreams of one day living in a house with central air.